What is BPDA-DE.org?

Thank you for showing interest in BPDA-DE.org! Feel free to look around to know more about the goals of this organization. We love having you to be a part of our mission in creating a better city for the community! Before you leave, please do sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss anything about our new projects, and ventures.

What is BPDA-DE.org?

BPDA-DE.org is basically an organization that is in-charge in the development and planning for urban communities. We are a non-government organization that is self-sufficient and is concerned with what the future holds for the community. We are composed of professionals in different fields with goals that are selfless and with love for the community.

Although we are not affiliated with any government organizations, sometimes we work with them on some projects that could benefit well the community. We have other partner organizations that support our advocacies and help us to fulfill our jobs as well.

The Work in Progress

How does the BPDA-DE.org work? We are located in Boston but have branches across the states. We are the partners that aim to shape the future of our target cities.

Our projects are long-term and resilient, depending on the demand of the ever-changing physical, social, and economic condition of the community. We address all possible problems along the way. With a team of professional researchers, we do a thorough feasibility study and risk assessment in our chosen area. From there, we take into consideration all possible strengths that could be maximized, and weaknesses that should be addressed. We create a sustainable living environment and end up improving the economic condition.

Even while building infrastructure or renovating buildings, we capitalize on what is already available in a city, and prioritize local businesses. We recognize local suppliers and service providers and give them the opportunity to take part on the development of their city. For instance, in one of the projects we had, we utilized a local Tucson garage door service to install a contemporary garage door in Tucson made of wood. They made it with quality insulation materials that upgraded the look of the building we built there. Plus, they made it even more amazing because the electricity cost is reduced due to the high-grade insulation properties. With all the construction projects we have, we always take into consideration the durability of the materials used – not to mention them being eco-friendly.

Rehabilitation Projects

BPDA-DE.org is not only concerned in creating new opportunities for the community, we rehabilitate old infrastructure as well. This is true especially to those with historical value and to those that strengthen the culture of a city. Take note that the mission of the organization is to improve the economic condition of a city including the livelihood – to create jobs if possible. We do not wish to throw away the prevalent culture that makes a city unique. We only guide a city into a community that could withstand the ever-changing environment and use this as an advantage. We wish to simply create a better future for the stakeholders.

For more information, and if you have concerns, please refer to our contact page to know how to connect with us.