Top Buildings and Institution Must-Haves for a Growing Community

Are you living in a prosperous city? Then perhaps you can tick most, if not all of the establishments listed below as part of your city.


Education is an important instrument that would determine the basic trainings received by the members of a community in a city. This is why this is one institution that should never be gone in a developing city. From daycares that cater to toddlers, to pre-school up to junior and senior high, these should all be accommodated. There should also be at least a community college, and/or an existing university.


Medical centers are something any city cannot live without. This caters to the medical needs of the members of the community starting from check-ups until emergency cases. Imagine if you have to bring an accident victim to the nearby town just to get the assistance he needs, you’ll just create more problems that would be critical to your people.


This is a community necessity that is often neglected and overlooked. A good community should have all means for work and play, and parks are made for all types of play and recreational activities. People could use this as a picnic place. It could also be just a means to rest yourself at the end of the day. Many people find this place a good venue to play with their pets. No matter, parks is a place any city should have.


Of course, these should never disappear in any city. Supermarkets are buildings to get your everyday supplies. It helps a city to have accessible supermarkets so their people could easily stock goods in times of difficulties. It also helps that these have the basic everyday needs of people. You could simply go here and shop anything to fulfill your needs.