About Us

BPDA-DE.org is an organization that specializes in the urban planning and urban development of an area. The general headquarters is located in Boston, with several branches around the state. Although we are not a government-affiliated organization – we are self-sustaining at its best that is in partnership with other Non-Government Organizations – we take into consideration our jobs to bring further our country into a better economic status. We aim it to be the best place to live in, the safest, and the most advanced in terms of urban developing.

We are composed of professionals who are the best among the bests in their fields. Starting from architects, engineers, even nurses and medical people, including researchers, designers, and academic personalities that share our vision for the community is here with us. Currently, we have over 500 members that are widespread across the country.

Our job includes rehabilitating and restoring historical buildings and infrastructure, building affordable housing for people of all walks of life, and development of projects that could further beautify our country and attract tourists from different places. We also create jobs that if fitting to the community. We prioritize our own, and even extend assistance to PWDs. We do this not only for the current status of a community, but we see to it that these projects will see be sustaining the generations to come.

BPDA-DE.org organizes projects with the future in mind. The changing environment and lifestyle of people is always a consideration. Prevalent skills are not also discounted. What’s more, we also study all the possible limitations especially in the workforce and address this by initiating trainings and workshops. We do this while making sure that the distinct culture of a place and its individuality is retained and preserved.